IT’S REGISTRATION TIME---This is a very busy time of the year at Granite Oaks Middle School.  Our eighth grade student ambassadors are busy preparing for the elementary site visits.  The student ambassadors will be traveling with the GOMS school counselors and teachers to the feeder elementary schools to share their experiences, important registration information and the distribution on handouts.  The present seventh graders will be completing their Education Plan Worksheets and choosing their elective classes for their upcoming eighth grade year.  Our present eighth grade students will be meeting with the Rocklin and Whitney High School Counselors to complete their “Six Year High School Education Plan” and will choose their high school classes.  This is a very exciting and rewarding time for all of our students and their families. 
Please contact Student Services at (916) 315-9009, ext 4102 with any questions or concerns that you may have to register your student at Granite Oak Middle School.  
We look forward to working with your family to enroll your student.