Granite Oaks Middle School

We use the Accelerated Reader program. We are committed to helping students to become excellent readers. The best way for them to do this is to practice! Students can learn if there is a quiz for a book by using AR BookFinder.

    ** Students should check to make sure we have the quiz before reading a book obtained outside of school (library books are clearly labeled with quiz information).

    ** Parents, please support your student's efforts to reach their AR goals.  Setting daily time for reading at home is a wonderful practice, and establishes habits that will last a lifetime.
The URL to use to take a quiz at school if you don't have a desktop icon:

HOW TO view your student's Accelerated Reader Progress from home:
1 Internet, click on this link or type in this web address:
2  Log in using student's AR USER NAME & PASSWORD:
     USER NAME is usually first initial + last name, but not always -- (ask your student what it is, please).
     PASSWORD is the student's 7-digit ID number.
3  To see all AR quizzes your student has taken, click on BOOKSHELF.
4  Click on each INDIVIDUAL BOOK to see when quiz was taken and other specifics.