Granite Oaks Middle School

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eBooks at Granite Oaks      Granite Oaks has eBooks! Our eBooks will work on many devices, such as generic eReaders, tablet computers, and smart phones. Nook and Kindle users can access the titles through their browsers rather than actually downloading.  We have a few information books, but most are fiction, new and popular as well as classics.
OK -- A few more things.  
After installing the app, close it and then re-open it in order to connect to our catalog.
Books can be borrowed for two weeks, and when they are due, they will be automatically returned.  You don't have to do a thing!  You do have the option of returning early, which would allow another reader to borrow the book.
If a book is not available, you can put a hold on it.  You will have to check back in your app (often) to find out when it is your turn.
If you need some help, bring your device to school and ask for help in the library.