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Encyclopedia Britannica  is a GREAT place to begin any new project. Be sure to click on the periodical and web links related to your search. 
GALE eBooks has many topics, especially biographies.
Explora  (Information Database)
 Using these resources from home?  User names and passwords are on page 13 of your student planner.
EasyBib will help you generate your citations (for a Works Cited or Bibliography page) perfectly, in MLA format. Give it a try!
 American flag and confederate flag

The United States Civil War Center.  A comprehensive index to Civil War websites, divided by category.  Dynamite!
Civil War Archives.  Check out the "Soldier's Letters" and "Soldier's Diaries" pages.
In the Valley of the Shadow.  A very cool site.  You can search primary source  letters and diaries by keyword, such as "camp life."
The Smithsonian -- Civil War Archives.  Click through the advertisement!
A Nation Divided --The History Place.  A timeline of Civil War events , with battle links and information on other historic events such as "Lincoln Shot."
New Georgia Encyclopedia. (The state of Georgia's encyclopedia.  Use the search box on the site.) The Civil War.  (Use the search box on the site.)

Special Topics

Food: Civil War Interactive Cookbook.  Recipes from the Civil War (yum!)
Camp Life: In the Valley of the Shadow.  Search the letters and diaries by keyword, such as "camp life."
Photography: Civil War Photographs.  A Library of Congress site filled with pictures of the Civil War.
Women: Primary Sources: Civil War Women.  Digitized letters and diaries, sponsored by Duke University.
Art: Civil War Battlefield Art.  National Geographic.
Battles: Battle Summaries by Campaign.  Choose a Civil War battle and find out who was in command, other names for the battle, and a brief outline of exactly what happened.
Music: Civil War Music.  From The Library of Congress.
Civil War Era Music.  Listen to many songs.

civil war soldiers standing around cannon surrounded by smoke