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Understanding Middle School Grades

What is a Progress Report?

A Progress Report is an update on your student’s progress in his or her core classes --- Language Arts, Social Students, Math and Science --- it provides the student and the family with pertinent information on current academic progress.
A Progress Report is issued at specific times by core teachers or posted on Schoology.

What does a NM say to the student?

A NM indicates that the student is not currently passing his or her class --- elective, PE or core subjects --- he or she may not have completed an assessment (project, test or paper) which was considered essential to the subject matter.

How does a student correct a NM?

A NM is corrected through working with his or her teacher to identify the reason the NM was issued --- does the student need to complete a project, finish testing for his AR goal, re-take an assessment, etc.

What can the student do to avoid NM's?

Middle school is the time for all students to develop strong academic skills which will serve them well in high school and college --- use the planner, check grades on a weekly basis, develop a schedule for completing the two hours of anticipated homework, schedule long range projects and communicate with teachers