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Civilizations of the Americas

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Project Links
The Great Indian Civilizations (Aztec, Inca & Maya)
Aztec History (
Aztecs (History Channel)
The Aztecs (
Aztecs: Fierce Warriors (PBS)
Maya (History Channel)
Maya Civilization (
Maya Civilization (Ancient History)
Maya Civilization  (Canadian Museum) 
The Inca Empire (
Inca Civilization (Crystalinks)
The Lost Inca Empire (NOVA)


Christopher Columbus (Harcou​rt)
Hernan Cortes (Ducksters)
Hernan Cortes Biography (
Sir Francis Drake (BBC)
Sir Francis Drake
Vasco da Gama (Ducksters)
Vasco da Gama  (BBC)
Henry the Navigator (New World Encyclopedia)
Prince Henry the Navigator (PBS)
Ferdinand Magellan 
(Royal Museums Greenwich)
Ferdinand Magellan (BBC)
Francisco Pizarro (PBS)
Francisco Pizarro (Ducksters)