Granite Oaks Middle School

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Administration Extension
Jay Holmes, Principal 4101
PJ Daley, Assistant Principal 4104
Ashley Serin, Assistant Principal 4106
Support Staff
Mandy Adams, Food Services Lead 4125
Elisse Ahern, Instructional Aide, ELA  4141
Denise Arger, Assistant Principal's Secretary 4103
Cathy Burnett, Attendance Clerk 4105
Alene Cawood-Smith, Psychologist 4111 
Beth Cordell, Instructional Aide/RSP 4016
Christina Gee, Instructional Aide/STP 4045 
Tricia Geide, Instructional Aide/STP  4045
Bridget Green, Library Aide  4141
Karen Harper, Instructional Aide/SDC 4008
Kelly Holm, Prinicpal's Secretary 4114
Sheryl Hogan, Instructional Aide 4020
Corrine Hucks, Instructional Aide 4020
Terry Hughes, Library Aide 4141
Linsey Ingman, Instructional Aide/ELD 4037
Laura Knutty, Instructional Aide/RSP  4035
Kristen Leal, Library Aide 4141 
Tressa Lindsey, School Counselor 4112
TBA, Instructional Aide/SDC 4037
Anne Mangels, Librarian 4142
Linda Marcarian, School Counselor 4107
Martin Oslick, Instructional Aide/RSP 4016
Laura Pelly, Health Aide 4110
Crystal Props, Instructional Aide, SDC 4008
Jack Rettinhouse, Computer Technician  4143 
Joan Rettinhouse, School Clerk 4100
Stephani Rivera-Carabajal 4035
Joe Sarantis, Lead Custodian 4030
Ginger Smith, School Clerk/Instructional Aide 4115
Marcie Teigland, Instructional Aide/RSP 4016 
Laura Torretta, Counseling Secretary/Registrar 4102
Breanne Velasquez, Instructional Aide/RSP 4035 

Educational Services
Holly Allison, STP 4045
Linda Jelicich, RSP 4016
Bryan Pfitzer, SDC 4008
Megan Pappas, RSP 4016
Dee Torrington, RSP 4035
Matt Restani, SDC 4009
Chris Willson, ELD 4028

7th Grade Teachers
Ronald Anaya, Language Arts, Legacy 4024
Jamie Bryant, Science, Rubicon 4050
Leslie Jensen, Science, Legacy 4010
Valerie Koehler (Lambert), Language Arts, Odyssey 4026
Suzie Louie, Math, Key 4025
Janet Navarro, Math, Odyssey 4049
Katie Ragan, Social Studies, Legacy 4021
Whitney Rhoda, Language Arts, Key  4047 
Debra Schuett, Social Studies, Rubicon 4027
Wendy Sherrill, Social Studies, Key 4046
Kelly Stice, Math, Legacy 4048
Andrea Nicole Wood, Math, Rubicon  4022 
Justin Thayer, Science, Key 4018
James Weaver, Social Studies, Odyssey 4023
Sarah Wright, Language Arts, Rubicon 4017
John Yanni, Science, Odyssey 4019

8th Grade Teachers
Julian August, Language Arts, Discovery 4004
Adam Blaser, Math, Sierra 4014
Colin Brown, Social Studies/SOAR, Talon 4044
Bill Braile, Science, Quest 4012
Dan Champ, Social Studies, Sierra 4006
Kim Cornett, Science, Talon 4011
Greg Giammona, Math, Discovery 4007
Karen Honegger, Language Arts, Talon 4003
Jill Meshwert, Social Studies, Discovery 4041
Sara Mikkelsen, Science/SOAR, Sierra 4013
Christina Paul, Math, Talon 4002 
Megan Persinger, Language Arts, Quest 4005
Mike Pitz, Social Studies, Quest 4043 
Laura Robeck, Math, Quest 4001
Jenny Salmon, Language Arts, Sierra 4042
Jeremy Waddell, Science, Discovery 4051

Physical Education & Elective Teachers
JJ Barnette, Physical Education  4121
Cheryl Gonzalez, Physical Education 4123
Kevin Just, Music 4054
Gene Knipe, Computer Science  4144
Miranda Lema, Art 4034
Gina Manibusan, Physical Education 4123
Cathy Moss, Spanish 4015
Jerry Ryan, Physical Education 4121
Brian Swasey, Manufacturing Technology 4032
Gary Wall, Physical Education 4121
Chris Willson, Publications 4028
T. D. Zorichak,Family/Consumer Science 4031